Makefile and Erlang

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A few things which might be of use.. 

After untarring you need to also move some files around and set up some
paths in other files.

The Install shell script embedded in the depths of the open source
distribution (erts/etc/unix) can be used for this (it does all sorts of
stuff including building start.boot files etc). I also attach my version
which is somewhat cut down from the full one but deals with a few other
things like setting up the IP address in my SNMP config files etc.

It also uses start.src from this directory which you can edit beforehand to
add any other fixed options you want such as -embedded etc

Usage is 

./Install erl-root-dir release-vsn rel-file node-name

So for your case I guess it would be something like
./Install /home/otpuser../ 1 app1 nodename

If it doesn't run straight away in your environment it should give you some
idea of the sorts of things you need to do

Good luck,


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> Sent: 27 January 2001 01:35
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> Subject: Makefile and Erlang
> Hello,
> First of all, let me state the obvious, the more I use 
> Erlang, the more
> impressed I am! I've been fiddling with the release tools and 
> I find them
> absolutely useful.
> I'm stumbling on two problems:
> 1) I wrote a Makefile (for GNU make) which is about 3 lines long:
> all:
>         erl -noinput -make
>         echo "systools:make_tar(app1)." | erl -noshell
> The third line obviously never returns but produces the 
> expected .tar.gz.
> It looks like:
> lib/app-1/...
> lib/kernel-.../...
> lib/sasl-.../...
> lib/stdlib-.../...
> releases/1/start.boot
> 2) Once I have that tarball, I un-tar it to my_directory and do a cd
> my_directory. Then I try erl -boot releases/1/start but it 
> crashes since I
> suspect it does not find the appropriate *.beam files. I'm missing
> something here. Is is the {path, Path} trick in the .rel file?
> Thank you,
> -- Alexis

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