Serial port driver for Erlang on Windows?

Klacke klacke@REDACTED
Sat Jan 6 15:16:18 CET 2001

On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 03:44:43PM +0000, Peter Andersson wrote:

> Johan Bevemyr has written a serial port driver for Erlang on UNIX (contributed
> to Has anyone done something similar for Windows? If not, I would
> still be grateful for any info or pointers that you could provide me with on
> this subject. I want to be able to run an Erlang application (using the UNIX
> serial port driver) on Windows as well, but I don't have any experience of
> low-level Windows programming. (Is Johan's ANSI C driver easily ported? How
> would e.g. opening and connecting to a /dev/ttya,b,... device in Unix be
> accomplished in Windows using the Com1,2,... abstractions?). 

I actually once started to do this, It requires a lof of
overlapped IO shit and stuff with the win32 API. I never
got it work properly and then other stuff came in the way
and I dropped it. 
However, a platform independand library to the serial
ports would indeed be nice to have.


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