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Ulf Wiger etxuwig@REDACTED
Wed Feb 21 12:16:48 CET 2001

StarOffice goes XML:
First of all, Sun's StarOffice has gone Open Source:


Unfortunately, Sun has taken out important functionality when doing
so, so OpenOffice is not (yet) a viable office environment. Too bad.

Second, OpenOffice is planning to use XML as its primary document
format, and make the format completely open:



I want to thank those who've helped me find bugs and made suggestions
on how to fix/improve XMErl. I haven't spent time on it myself in
a long while, but it seems to be improving anyway.

Special thanks to Mickael Remond, who is working on the XPATH
side, and to Johan Blom, who is experimenting with a verifier
hook to XMErl; to Bijan Parsia for writing an entertaining article and
pitching my work to those who know XML much, much better than I. (:

Mattias Läng sent some encouragement my way by devising a test in
which xmerl beat the Java-based openxml.org parser by some 20% on
performance. I don't know if it holds in general, but hey!
In return, I'll pitch your product (http://www.corelatus.se/), which
has an XML-based API.  ;-)

I will make an effort to include the changes you've sent me.
All suggestions are much welcome. Open Source is a great way to 
work! My knowledge of XML is still very limited, but with your
help, it seems like we can put together a pretty decent tool anyway.

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