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Tue Feb 20 18:35:50 CET 2001

In Funs of the type {Mod, Fun}, arity must not be known at compile time
(As the function is exported in another module), and can thus be derived
during run time when the fun is called.  (As other people have
mentioned, through the arity in the call, e.g. Fun(A,B)). Calling a non
existing exported function would then result in a run time error.

Funs of the type fun function/2 however need the arity specified as they
are local calls. Checks for the existence of local function are done at
compile time, there of, the arity must be stated.


Paulo Ferreira wrote:
>   Well, here is my doubt:
>  Taken fom the Erlang Extensions doc:
> "We can also refer a function defined in a different module with
> the following syntax:
> F = {Module,FunctionName}  "
> In this case, how does Erlang gets the correct function, if
> in the module are several functions, with the same name
> but with different arity ?
> I know it gets the correct function, at least in the same module,
> because I tested it.
> Thanks
>  Paulo Ferreira
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