Erlang shell print depth and print length: how to change?

Arthur Reyes reyes@REDACTED
Mon Feb 5 23:32:04 CET 2001

Dear Erlang Friend:

I need to inspect Erlang abstract syntax trees (ASTs) produced by
epp:parse_file/3 and similar functions. 

When given the filename and path of a large Erlang source code file,
epp:parse_file/3 returns a long list of deeply nested tuples.

The returned list is often so long the Erlang shell elides the end of
it with ellipses (...). The tuples are often so deeply nested the
Erlang shell elides the deeper components with ellipses as well.

If you know, please provide me a reference to modules and functions
that allow the user of the Erlang shell to modify the shell's print
depth and print length.

Thank you.

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