Wishes: hex-output

Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi Chandrashekhar.Mullaparthi@REDACTED
Thu Feb 1 12:57:09 CET 2001

These functions can probably be added to lists or string.

to_lower(Str) ->
    to_lower(Str, []).
to_lower([H|T], Acc) when H>=65, H =< 90 ->
    to_lower(T, [H+32|Acc]);
to_lower([H|T], Acc) ->
    to_lower(T, [H|Acc]);
to_lower([], Acc) ->

to_upper(Str) ->
    to_upper(Str, []).
to_upper([H|T], Acc) when H>=97, H =< 122 ->
    to_upper(T, [H-32|Acc]);
to_upper([H|T], Acc) ->
    to_upper(T, [H|Acc]);
to_upper([], Acc) ->


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> >> If it's going to be late Christmas season, and one could make some
> >> wishes, what about hex-output for io:format
> >>
> >
> >Yes. I have always needed this. I use ~h and ~H. With the 
> patch below you
> >can do:
> >>  io:format("~h 0x~H 16#~h\n", [51966, 51966, 51966]).
> >cafe 0xCAFE 16#cafe
> >>
> Seems reasonable.  I'll add it. My only small qualm is that the 
> coupling ~h/~H does not mean the same thing as ~w/~W and ~p/~P, but I 
> suppose there is not real problem here.
> There should be probably be a matching hex-input flag for 
> io:fread.  I 
> suppose I had better do that one as well.
> 	Robert

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