erlang R8B on Mandrake 8

Bjorn Gustavsson bjorn@REDACTED
Tue Dec 18 12:30:45 CET 2001

In general, you have a greater chance to get an answer if you would
include the error messages in your mail.

I don't know anything about Mandrake 8, but I know a few things about
ttsl_drv.c that might help. It calls the following functions:

int tgetent();
int tgetnum();
int tgetflag();
char *tgetstr();
char *tgoto();
int tputs();

These functions are often found in the libterm library. Sometimes they
are in the libcurses library. The `configure' script is supposed to
figure out the correct libraries to use automatically. In this case
it obviously didn't do that.

If you find out which library to use, please report back so that we
could correct configure.


Danni Coy <rgcoy@REDACTED> writes:

> Ok I want to try wings on my mandrake box. I have downloaded everything 
> nessecarry. however I am stuck compiling erlang. I am having lots link 
> errors with ttsl_drv.c file
> which makes me think that I don't have a library I should. or I have the 
> wrong version of something. Has anybody else had this experience... any 
> help would be appreciated. 

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