buffered_serial and sms stuff in Erlang

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Sun Dec 16 02:05:09 CET 2001

Hi Guys,

I have just got sms sending/reception going to my mobile phone (via a

I've cobbed together a server to fit overtop the serial contribution - it
divides things into lines, and allows regexp matches on the lines. It also
ages lines in the buffer, and allows destructive matching (e.g. lines that
don't match are thrown away permanently). I'm not thrilled about using \r
and \n to chop things up, but I couldn't think of any other way to chunk
things up and allow practical use of the serial port when dealing with
unsolicited events.

I've also got sms PDU mode decoding and encoding. Its fairly basic and only
does 7bit char set, but thats arguably the most difficult. Possibly they
only work with Ericsson T28 like phones (eg my R310s) , as I haven't got any
other phones to test it with and I've gathered that there are some subtly
different interpretations of the standard.

If there is any interest I will clean them up a bit and post/submit them.

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it :-)


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