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nigar nigar@REDACTED
Sat Dec 8 05:48:52 CET 2001

Hello Erlang,

How r u doing?????
Even we want to know how abt to go, with making the MAP message.

like for eg:
what i know is the map protocol data unit will carry the message,
but i am not getting the exact understanding.
if u know ,guide me ya!!!!!!!

if we tell MAP-OPEN the TCAP primitive is TC Begin 
for this what will the MAP-OPEN message should be ,
and what message has to be send to TCAP.

we got the asn TCAP code along with the compiler we downloaded,
but while generating the code it is giving 3 errors
we are using object sys asn compiler.
Can u tell me were will we get the TCAP asn code.

Thanks in Advance
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