mnesia and hardware drivers

Laszlo Varga Laszlo.Varga@REDACTED
Thu Dec 6 14:11:25 CET 2001

Hi Sirs,

has anybody used mnesia for addministrating hardware devices ?
I mean an IP network, or a production line or something similiair.
I guess, the problem is theoraticly easy provided the driver has
only atomic operations, which produces go-nogo results (in a limited time 
 However, I do not know, how to handle this case from mnesia.

Unfortunately, my scope is not bound to drivers of this 
easy type, but I should handle dirty situations , when there is no
response from the driver.

What I'm thinking about is a framework which is as close to a database
as it can be, and able to manage a number of devices. The framework should
provide means for handling the drivers observable states, at a minimal 
cost, or in other words, should mainly rely on standard database solutions.

However, i've never seen a database "from inside" I guess this problem
is close to the problem of synchronising  distributed databases. If someone 
could help me with litreture, please do.


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