Building on OS X - a bit further on

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Thu Dec 6 03:48:15 CET 2001

Sean Hinde <earlyriser@REDACTED> writes:
> Here's one which builds on yours to add support for megaco and orber

Thank you, I'm testing and integrating it into upcoming R8B-1.

> mnesia_session seems to fall foul of some of the quote handling in the 
> erlc / erl interface. At a wild guess a similar issue to that with QNX 
> where execvp was broken.

This is very frustrating. A space in the expression

  +'{preproc_flags,"-D_CORBA_ -I ${IC_DIR}/include"}'

makes it fail. We have rewritten most of these constructs but I can't
figure out how to rewrite this one without a space. In the internal
source here the file "mnesia_corba_session.idl" is just a soft link to
"mnesia_session.idl". If we split to two files we can remove the
symbol _CORBA_ and use


With this change mnesia_session compiles. I don't like it but I will
do this change.

If we just could get GS going without installing X we have a very 
nice Mac OS X port,


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