Building on OS X - a bit further on

Sean Hinde earlyriser@REDACTED
Thu Dec 6 01:32:08 CET 2001


Thanks for the patch for OS X.

Here's one which builds on yours to add support for megaco and orber

It also tidies up some other configure things to do with linking flags 
for shared libraries - in erl_interface particularly.

I've tested the build on Solaris and OS X (except for the megaco -lfl 
part - only OS X)

gs needs some work to be able to work and link with the version 
available for OS X.

mnesia_session seems to fall foul of some of the quote handling in the 
erlc / erl interface. At a wild guess a similar issue to that with QNX 
where execvp was broken.

Otherwise all looks good so far,


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