continuations to optimize code

Ulf Wiger etxuwig@REDACTED
Wed Dec 5 14:43:26 CET 2001

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Thomas Lindgren wrote:

>Congratulations on an interesting performance hack!
>Those are very interesting timing results, because your
>CPS-transformation builds a closure instead of pushing a stack
>frame. As far as I can see from the example, the savings then
>lie in avoiding the tuple. If so, that's remarkable.

Of course, there's the tiny little chance that I unknowingly
fixed some obscure bug in the process of rewriting, and that it
was that bug that accounted for the overhead...  (:

It would be interesting to see if anyone could verify (or refute)
my theory that CPS-transformation can actually yield significant
speedups (they don't have to be in the order of 9000x to be

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