Thomas Lindgren thomas.lindgren@REDACTED
Tue Dec 4 13:57:12 CET 2001

Robert Virding:
reason for this is that when records were first implemented it wasn't
possible at that time to easily add a new datatype in the
implementation.  This has changed today.

Seriously, how many people/apps would be severely burned if records
*were* made their own datatype?  It is possible to do but you have to
determine which solution hurts the most.

My vote is for change. Cellpoint's code uses keysearch and ets/mnesia
so there will be some transitional pain. On the other hand, the
shipping system uses a frozen Erlang version too: hence, a transition 
will mainly be a problem for new releases.

A compatibility mode like what Ulf suggests seems like a
good idea.

-- Thomas

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