Compiling R8B under OS X

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Mon Dec 3 23:57:09 CET 2001

I have just built R8B on Mac OS X 10.1. I haven't run any test cases
just manage to get a prompt. I don't have time to do any testing on
Mac OS X at the moment.

I went the "easy way" making the linking work as in Mac OS X 10.0. I
don't understand "framework", "bundle" or other Mac OS X concepts and
I don't understand the new "two-level namespace" concept used in Mac
OS X 10.1. Maybe someone else can supply a patch that does linking and
loading of linked in drivers "the Mac OS X way".

I have included an unofficial patch below. It will take a week or two
before we have completed the corrections we want to go into the R8B-1
source release.

Make sure you read the updated README before you begin to build,


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