Thomas Lindgren thomas.lindgren@REDACTED
Mon Dec 3 13:25:29 CET 2001

I get the following very undesirable behaviour for

The program is enclosed as an attachment (my apologies).
Run test:bar/0. Under R7B1 and R8B0, I get the answer
{"aaa", "aaa"}, which means a record of type rec1 is
mistakenly thought to be a record of type rec2.

(Furthermore, since the fields have the same names, but a transposed
order, you also get a nasty return value on top of that.)

Looking at the BEAM code, the basic problem is that
the code doesn't verify that Rec is a record of
the proper type before accessing it. (That is, it doesn't
check that the incoming tuple has the proper arity and

-- Thomas
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