"Concurrent Programming in Erlang"

Miguel Barreiro Paz enano@REDACTED
Thu Aug 30 01:25:22 CEST 2001


> ¿Anybody know anything about the book "Concurrent Programming in Erlang?

 The authors are on this list, so someone presumably does :)

> Is it sold out?
> Is it possible buy it in a library?
> In Spain, I have about 6 mounths trying to buy this book?.

	I'm not sure if it's sold out, but Amazon sure lists it as

	The library at our faculty has a couple of them bought maybe two
or three years ago, so getting them in Spain should be no problem. I can
try to find out the reseller if you want.

	Note that the first part of the book is available as PDF on the
web, http://www.es.erlang.org/download/erlang-book-part1.pdf (from the
spanish mirror, or s/\.es\.// for the main site :) ).

	By the way, is anyone among the Erlang fathers or maybe at CSLab
working on an updated book? 



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