Driver question

Martin J. Logan martin@REDACTED
Tue Aug 21 23:03:05 CEST 2001

Hello, I have two questions.
    I would like to do sone parsing of data. What is the best way to do this? I
have an integer and I would like to make sure that is is a particular length
and that it is comprised entirly of digits. I have looked at io_lib and a
number of other spots but havent really found anything too elegant.  Everything
seems to involve converting to strings or using large function gaurds. If this
is the way to go I will, but if anyone has a better idea I would like to know.
I am always parsing packets in erlang so any info on that in general would be

    I have an application running that emails the interested parties when it
goes down. I have accomplished this in a way that I think is rather kludgy. I
use a linked process that traps exit signals from my main supervisor. I was
wondering if there is a call back that is called during the shutdown sequence
of the app that I could use to make sure that the email is sent on the death of
the app.

    If anyone has nice solutions to either of these problems please let me


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