Erlang Process Limits

Ulf Wiger etxuwig@REDACTED
Mon Aug 13 10:13:51 CEST 2001

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Bruce Fitzsimons wrote:

>Hello again,
>Is the maximum number of processes on an Erlang node a hard
>limit, or is there the potential for this to be increased
>(beyond 32767)?

I don't know that this has been tested.

>I am aware that requiring such a huge number may be an
>indicator that I should rethink my design, but it just maps
>cleanly to having 1 process for every call, with a parent
>process to manage them(2+ calls per real call). However this
>limits me to only 10000 simultaneous calls, which isn't that
>much for my application.

I suggest you look at the dispatcher user contrib. It is similar
to the solution used in AXD 301, where we have verified that we
can handle some 100,000 calls per call handling processor (I am
not up to date with the actual number.) We actually have two
processes per call (A- and B-side, what's called a half-call

I have a newer version, dispatcher-1.1, which is more efficient,
and also provides an improved framework. If you are interested, I
could clean it up[*] and publish it.

The idea of the dispatcher solution is that when handling calls
(establishing sessions of some sort), there is usually only
activity in the beginning and at the end of each call. In the
meantime, it's more efficient to store the call state in ETS,
than keeping one or two process(es) for each. The overhead is
slight, as long as each call activity takes at least a few

There are actually a couple of other advantages to the model:

- The "call process" can be implemented as a bare-bones FSM,
  which is probably the most beautiful state machine programming
  model around. Since the process is short lived, it doesn't 
  have to worry about supporting upgrade etc.

- The heap size of the process can be set very high, allowing 
  you to short-circuit the GC.


[*] I had been playing with the type checker, and created type
specifications for the dispatcher modules. I don't remember what
state they were in. Also, I had apparently cheated on the upgrade
support for the dispatcher process -- unforgivable.

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