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Bengt Kleberg qtxkleb@REDACTED
Thu Apr 26 14:58:46 CEST 2001

> From thomasl@REDACTED Thu Apr 26 14:51:11 2001

> > While the rest is absolutly marvelous (and something I use 'sed' to do
> > myself) there is a problem (for me) with this particular feature. My
> > user interface/editor uses the <filename>:<linenumber> information to
> > open the file at that line with 1 mouse click. Therefore I need the
> > filename right beside the line number to be able to get to the right
> > place to fix the problems.
> Will this still work for summarized undefined functions? Ie, if things
> look like
> myfile.erl:[100,102,104]: function foo/2 is not defined.
> Will your emacs mode work for those inputs?

This is not emacs. It is wily (acme).
But anyway: No, I need:

myfile.erl:100: function foo/2 is not defined.

BTW: Has anybody manged to get the new pretty printer (as in
syntax_tools-1.0) to read from stdin? I manage by creating a tmp file,
but I would rather not.

Bengt Kleberg

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