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Fri Apr 6 19:15:44 CEST 2001

Thomas Arts wrote:
> Bumped into the following:
> in erl_id_trans.erl
> the function record_updates
> record_updates([{record_field,Lf,{atom,La,F},Val0}|Us]) ->
>     Val1 = expr(Val0),
>     [{record_field,Lf,{atom,La,F},Val0}|record_updates(Us)];
> record_updates([]) -> [].
> should read Val1 instead of Val0 in the third line, i.e:

Perhaps some future version of the compiler could warn against unused
variable bindings?  This is a feature that is in Perl, but I find it
somewhat annoying to me there (as it does not match my
imperative/procedural programming style, where mutable variables can be
updated arbitrarily anyway.)

But in Erlang is would actually make a lot more sense and I think I
would like it a lot.


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