ic and modules

Björn Wingman bjowi@REDACTED
Mon Sep 18 17:10:53 CEST 2000

I'm using modules and includes in my idl files, like this:

#include "types.idl"

module Foo
  interface Bar
     myType returnStuff(); // myType declared in types.idl

In R6B I had to manually merge types.idl with the other idl files, but
in R7A (with ic 4.0.4) includes seem to work.

However, the oe_register/0 functions in the generated code doesn't
include any orber_ifr:'Repository_create_module' call for the top
module (Foo, in this case), like the code generated with the old ic
from R6B and the merged idl-files. It looked like this with the old

OE_1 = orber_ifr:'Repository_create_module'(OE_IFR, "IDL:Foo:1.0", "Foo", "1.0"),

instead, there is this call:

OE_1 = oe_get_top_module(OE_IFR, "IDL:Foo:1.0", "Foo", "1.0"),

which fails, because the module foo isn't registered.

How do I tell ic to generate code to register a top module entry in
the ifr? Is there some option that I haven't found?

    /Björn Wingman

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