IG for c++

luc <>
Mon Oct 30 10:14:03 CET 2000

first, thanks for IG. i spent yesterday experimenting with erl_interface
ang IG, and that's quite neat (after one week experimenting doing all by
hand, what a progress in productivity!  but , at least, i understand the
problem better now).

now, my problem : i d like to wrap a C++ lib.
my question : how complex is it to modifiy IG to handle C++ ?
 this can get from simple to not so simple :
- a) adding # ifdef _cplusplus , external "C" {.... at the begining and
end of headers files. supposely no big deal.
- b) creating wrapper C for C++ members (functions, variables) by:
    - extending the parsing headers to understand class:functions(arg)
instead of simply functions(arg)
    - directly parsing the class file headers class X {.....}

how complex is the grammar extension ? the parser ? is it generated with
Yecc ? (the history from the doc tends to make me thinking the opposite,
but there is a .y files in the sources ?


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