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David Gould <>
Mon Oct 30 20:16:05 CET 2000

On Mon, Oct 30, 2000 at 02:13:33PM +0100, Kent Boortz wrote:
> There will soon (in a few days) be a R7B-1 version of Erlang/OTP,
> i.e. a complete release.  I haven't found a practical way to handle
> patches, some applications have changed version numbers and then
> directory names. We also have binary files in the distribution, BEAM
> files for the bootstrap compiler, that all change when recompiled.
> Binary files can't be part of an Unix patch (using the Unix patch
> program).

Binaries can be handled with xdelta:

XDelta(1)                                               XDelta(1)

       xdelta - Invoke XDelta

       xdelta subcommand [ option...  ] [ operand...  ]

       XDelta  provides  the ability to generate deltas between a
       pair of files and later apply those deltas.   It  operates
       similar  to  the  diff  and  patch  commands, but works on
       binary files and does not produce a human readable output.

       XDelta  has  two  subcommands,  delta  and  patch.   Delta
       accepts two  files  and  produces  a  delta,  while  patch
       accepts  one  original  file  and a delta and produces the
       other file.  As opposed to the the diff(1)  format,  which
       can usually be reversed, these deltas are one way.



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