erl_interface/ ig

Kent Boortz <>
Mon Oct 30 14:13:33 CET 2000

There will soon (in a few days) be a R7B-1 version of Erlang/OTP,
i.e. a complete release.  I haven't found a practical way to handle
patches, some applications have changed version numbers and then
directory names. We also have binary files in the distribution, BEAM
files for the bootstrap compiler, that all change when recompiled.
Binary files can't be part of an Unix patch (using the Unix patch

We will think more about this. We want to make the patch handling
semi-automatic, i.e. when there are important changes and the
"Daily Build and Test" of the OpenSource version went well we want
to automatically generate a patch. This way you can get patches
more often.

For us it is more easy to make a new release but I assume you don't
like the idea of downloading 10 Mb for every new patch.


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