ASN.1 questions

Torbjorn Tornkvist <>
Fri Oct 27 09:41:57 CEST 2000

Hi !

> Coming from the PKI world, I'll point out that the X.500/X.509 
> does require a bit more in the way of DER encoding. 

Regarding PKI, I'm a bit curious, does this also apply for LDAP ?

I've just been reading RFC 2259 and 1778 and as I
understand it the relevant LDAP attributes should be 
encoded according to the 'Undefined' syntax (RFC 1778,
chap.2.1), which states that it should be BER encoded.

> If I get the time to play with this, I'll be sure to check with 
> you first, so we don't duplicate each others work.  But I probably 
> won't have the time this month anyway.  )-:

Just to avoid double work, I'm currently implementing 
an Erlang LDAPv3 interface (GPL). It would be great to 
get some input about specific LDAP requirements related 
to PKI.

Cheers /Tobbe

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