Starting erl using sh -c

Simon Bennett <>
Wed Oct 25 13:55:36 CEST 2000

You could try quoting the part of the line that you want sh to run, e.g.

sh -c 'erl -noinput -s erl_compile etc '


Sean Hinde wrote:
> <background>
>         I'm trying to work around a QNX problem with erlc.
>         erlc starts the emulator using the execvp() call which is broken
>         in QNX unless the command is prefixed with sh -c
> </background>
> >From the UNIX prompt "sh -c erl -noinput -s erl_compile compile ...etc" just
> starts a straight emulator - the erl shell script seems to lose everything
> after the erl.
> My UNIX shell knowledge runs out at this point. Anyone any ideas?

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