Limitation on number of messages?

Gerald Biederbeck <>
Tue Oct 24 11:38:50 CEST 2000


i'm going to implement a gen_server.
Let's say the gen_server process is busy performing a handle_cast/2.
Meanwhile I send messages to the server 
	-> the messages are queued!

How many Messages will be queued? (number of messages)
Is it possible that messages are discarded when the queue is full?
What size is the Maximum of the Queue? (Bytes)

Are there any limitations at all? (besides memory!)
Is this dependent on the OS i'm using? (here: Unix)
Are there known problems related to a large/long queue of messages (e.g.

I found nothing on the OTP-Doc page related to this topic.
	-> maybe there is no problem at all!

Thanx for any hint

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