job control with OTP R7B

Arndt Jonasson <>
Fri Oct 20 09:59:03 CEST 2000

In article <>,
Daniel Neri <> wrote:
>Ulf Wiger <> writes:
>> I've noticed that if I hit Ctrl-Z (using tcsh) to suspend Erlang,
>> I'm having trouble getting OTP R7B back with 'fg'.
>FWIW, it works for me[TM], using any of bash, pdksh and even plain old
>csh (tested on NetBSD 1.4.2).

This is when it doesn't work: OTP R7, Solaris 2.6 or higher, and the
emulator linked with -lpthread (which the commercial version is, but
the open source version usually isn't). The shell is apparently not
involved. We have a fix which seems to work.
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