Kenneth Lundin <>
Thu Oct 12 09:58:49 CEST 2000

Vance Shipley wrote:
> Why is it that erl_call does not get installed?
> Is this tool not supported any longer?
> The reason I want it is that it is suggested in the
> Embedded Users Guide that it can be used in an rc
> script to effect a graceful shutdown.  I would am
> putting it in so that when the Unix system is shutdown
> Erlang/OTP will get a clean signal to terminate
> properly.
> erl_call is getting built, and I can use it, it just
> doesn't get installed which makes me wonder ...
>         -Vance

erl_call is distributed as an example of what you can do with 
the erl_interfac library, it is part of the erl_interface application
and is thus located under ERL_ROOT/lib/erl_interface-3.2.3/bin.

When and if there is a new version of erl_interface there will also be a
version of erl_call. Previously erl_call and the erl_interface libraries
where installed in central places directly under ERL_ROOT which
made it problematic to have 2 versions installed at the same time and
the user choose between the versions. We have made the decision that it
is better to keep all files belonging to an application together as much
as possible. Of course there can be improvements in what the
does, using symbolic links etc. but we don't regard erl_call as that

regards Kenneth

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