release handling

Ulf Wiger <>
Wed Oct 11 12:04:18 CEST 2000

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Sean Hinde wrote:

>We created a new directory underneath releases with the new release name,
>and changed the file to point to my new version.
>We then did init:restart(). but got the old version back again ;-)

I don't think init:restart() actually restarts the VM process; it's
more of an internal reset.

>init:stop() followed by start uses the new version..

You should be able to use init:reboot(), which basically does the

>My question is really is there a way to make the system use the new version
>on init:restart(). without going through the entire upgrade process as
>prescribed in the manuals?

The way OTP figures out which release to use is by reading the file. If you modify, and then call
init:reboot(), it should work....

>Alternatively, has anyone found a simple mechanism to upgrade a single App
>without going through all the heartache of appup files etc?

Yes, AXD 301 has support for generating .rel and .appup files by
parsing the .app files. We also perform some magic on the .relup file
for some upgrade scenarios.

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