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Tony Rogvall <>
Tue Oct 10 13:19:46 CEST 2000

Ulf Wiger wrote:

> As far as trace and debug is concerned, OTP R7 should give us an
> opportunity to achieve much more elegant debugging.
> System messages are much harder. How to accomplish the suspend/
> code_change/resume functionality, as well as the ordered shutdowns,
> without messing up the normal program?
> I've been wishing for some kind of "protected mode" section, where
> I can write hooks to modify message reception; system messages
> would then be somehow pre-empted by OTP, unless I explicitly state
> that I want to see them.
> ... or am I smoking something funny?

Who am I to judge :-)

Me and pekka designed a multithreaded implementation of erlang
~ two years ago (put on ice).

Then we remodel the message passing and signal sending so that
a message was a sort of a signal. i.e. everything was signals. It was then
up to the receiving process (internally) to sort things out.

One thing that I thought about then (or was it pekka) was to implement a
per process signal handler, similar to the error handler. Then this
sorting out messages from signals / exit propagation / code reloading /
suspend / resume could be implemented in erlang in a signal handler.

What do you think about that one ???

Or am I on heavy drugs now ?


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