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Luc Taesch <>
Sun Oct 8 23:22:41 CEST 2000

Sean Hinde wrote:

> > I've read the Erlang book and I basically understanding how to use the
> > language.  I've also read through most of the OTP docs, and I think I
> > understand most of what I read, but I still can't see the forest for
> > the trees.  I get the basic idea of setting up supervisors and worker
> > processes, but there are many, many details which are not obvious from
> > the docs.
> I agree, and it caused me a lot of pain also.

same for me . havent grok everything yet. but thats a big steps between  a
language, and an architecture...,
probably the latter is not so easy to explain or justify, as it rely on a lot
of implicit , undocumented assertions, that some call experience, and which is
very subjective...

> Now that I've figured it out
> though I find it quick and easy to produce a new application using the
> skeletons in emacs.

that was in fact my point.

on mandrake 7.1/7.2 and +, the skeletons deosnt works.
 i got the message symbol's fnction definition is void: deactivate-mark.
(working in previous build)

i suspect its an emacs packaing issue, but in case somebody knows something
about it ---

also , what is this erlang-apwiz.el in r7b ?
any nice wizardry ?


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