How to do line oriented i/o in constant space?

Klacke <>
Mon Oct 9 15:55:22 CEST 2000

> Depends what you want to do with the data.  The method Tobbe shows is
> MUCH better if you just want to shuffle data through the system, getting
> lists is better if you want to process the data.  

Frankly I don't know if even this is recomendable even if we
want to process the data. Processing 50k lines gives a beam emulator
with some 55 Meg size which is hardly acceptable. The implementation of
the io: routines are simply flawed and not efficent enough for this
kind of tasks.

> A middle way would be 
> to get binaries and then convert to lists as required.


Claes Wikstrom                          <>
Bluetail AB                   

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