public release of HiPE native-code Erlang compiler

Mikael Pettersson mikpe@REDACTED
Fri Mar 31 12:38:20 CEST 2000


We, the HiPE group at Uppsala University, Sweden are proud to
announce the first public release of:

	Open Source High-Performance Erlang (HiPE) System

			Version 0.92

What is HiPE ?

HiPE is a SPARC-V9 native-code compiler for the Erlang programming
language, currently based on Open Source Erlang V47.4.1.  HiPE is
a complete implementation of the Erlang language, offers flexible
integration between emulated and native code, and efficiently supports
features crucial for Erlang's application domain, such as concurrency.
The distribution of HiPE includes the Open Telecom Platform (OTP)
libraries (except "orber" and "mnesia_session").

Who should be interested in HiPE ?

Developers who are already using Open Source Erlang on a SPARC
architecture.  Depending on the characteristics of the application,
our measurements indicate performance improvements ranging from 30%
(for really big applications) up to an order of magnitude in small

What is needed to install HiPE ?

 - A SPARC-V9 based machine running Solaris 2.x
 - GNU `make' for the build procedure.  (Solaris `make' will not work.)
 - An ANSI-C compiler which understands // comments is required.
   The GNU C compiler is recommended.

Where can I find HiPE ?

HiPE is freely available at:

where further information about HiPE also can be found.

- Erik Johansson, Mikael Pettersson, and Kostis Sagonas

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