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Mon Mar 27 13:57:06 CEST 2000

I am writing with regard to your holiday accommodation.  [If you have been sent this mail by mistake please ignore - you will be sent no more mails]

I am sure you have heard of people advertising their holiday accommodation on the Internet  -  you may even be doing so already.  Whether you have your own website, advertise on the Internet now or have considered it I would like to introduce Holiday Zone - the Internets best online advertising board for holiday accommodation world-wide.   You can advertise your holiday accommodation with Holiday Zone for JUST 29.99 GB Pounds FOR A ONE YEAR ADVERT!!  See below for currency conversions.

Visit and place your advert now!!

*  Professionally designed, easy-to-use website.
*  A variety of ways to place your advert - online, via e-mail or we offer a full postal service for non-internet users.
*  Online credit card payment option.
*  Personal service and support from the Holiday Zone team.
*  A webaddress of your own or direct links to your existing website.
*  Direct e-mail links (i.e. people will be able to e-mail you directly from your advert)
*  A one year advert for just 29.99 GBP - no extra hidden costs!!

Advertising with Holiday Zone ensures that your holiday accommodation is seen by more people worldwide.  Holiday Zone is registered with over 500 web based search engines and is advertised in magazines, on the Internet, and in papers.  Because of our extensive advertising campaign Holiday Zone has over 20,000 hits a month from people searching for all types of holiday accommodation in a wide variety of destinations worldwide.  You benefit from Holiday Zone's extensive advertising campaign because everytime we draw people to Holiday Zone they are potential customers for your holiday accommodation.

The Internet is the world's fastest growing media. Today there are 275 million people world-wide who have access to the Internet. On-line advertising is rapidly becoming the most effective way to target potential customers seeking holiday accommodation. 

Visit and place your advert now!

If you have any questions about Holiday Zone please contact us.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

Anne Smith
Holiday Zone

+44 (0)181 5587595


* 48 USD
* 69 CAD
* 76 AUD
* 77 NZD
* 8,118 ESP
* 320 FRF
* 94 ITL

For other currencies please click here:

***** This email is a one off - you will be sent no more emails by Holiday Zone ******

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