vendor support for Linux on laptops

Ulf Wiger etxuwig@REDACTED
Mon Mar 20 14:54:04 CET 2000

Perhaps this was only news to me, but here goes...

I began shopping for a laptop last week, and thought that I'd 
pick one that could run Linux -- supported by the laptop vendor,
that is, since I have better things to do at work.

Going through Ericsson purchasing channels, I basically had to
choose between Dell and HP (buying non-standard equipment is of
course possible, but more work.)

After a few days of searching, I found out that both HP and Dell
will deliver their new laptops with Red Hat Linux, and will support
it too! (:

Of course, their web pages only mention M$, and their phone support
will either tell you they don't have a clue, or even that you
absolutely *cannot* run Linux on their laptops, but if you stay at 
it long enough, you'll eventually be able to locate someone who
understands what you're talking about.

This is progress (or... are we regressing?)

(Sadly, Sun makes no mention of laptops on their HW compat. list 
for Solaris, and SUN Sweden had no info. If you want a supported
UNIX on a PC laptop, Linux seems to be the one.)

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