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Tue Mar 7 12:36:27 CET 2000

  Dear Sir,

I am a graduate student working in my M. Sc. Program in Computer Sciences. I 
am now  working on a project about using Erlang as  a communication 
programming language; and the possibility to include this as a part of the 
Computer Sciences B. Sc. Program in my faculty.

While running a program written in Microsoft WordPad  on Windows95 platform 
I faced a problem.

The program name is: math1.era
The path is: C:\Program Files \era 4.9.1\math1
Erlang programs are in the directory: C:\Program Files \era 4.9.1

The program syntax is:
- module (math1).
- export ([factorail/1]).
factorial (0) -> 1;
factorial (n) -> n* factorial (n-1);

The error massage is:

./ math1.era: next form/ expression contains unterminated string stating 
with “
\000\ 062 Default prgr”
./ math1.era: 7: no module definition

I would be utmost grateful if you kindly lent me some help to understand 
what the problem is, what reasons might cause it, and what are the possible 

May I humbly ask for your permission to write for your end seeking help and 
advice have I faced any further problems in the future.

I will be looking forward to receive a reply from you soonly.

Best regards
Sincerely yours
Manahil A. Elgalil

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