Erlang AI?

David Sallach sallach@REDACTED
Thu Mar 2 19:55:39 CET 2000

	Given that Elrlang has much of the functionality of LISP, PROLOG, Scheme &
other functional languages, its unique AI niche, seems to be its
applicability to real world problems.  It's concurrency and robustness are
major aspects of this, but so is Mnesia with its extended relational model,
lack of an impedence mismatch and transparent replication.


At 07:00 AM 2/29/00 -0800, Craig Dickson wrote:
>James Hague <jhague@REDACTED> wrote:
>> IMO Erlang is the best functional language for AI work, because of atoms
>> and dynamic typing.
>Scheme has both those properties, plus the ability to manipulate code as
>data, which I would think terribly useful for AI. Why is Erlang a better
>language for AI than Scheme? (I suppose Erlang's concurrency might be
>> I'm  still grinding out C++ code at a furious pace during the day,
>> unfortunately :)
>Me too (sigh). Any Erlang jobs in Silicon Valley?

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