How to add db node dynamicaly

Dan Gudmundsson dgud@REDACTED
Wed Mar 1 09:09:20 CET 2000

Start mnesia on the new node as a ram node (without a schema on disc)
and invoke mnesia:change_config(extra_db_nodes, [a@REDACTED, b@REDACTED]) on 
the node.

If you want a replica of a table on the new node, then you can 
call mnesia:add_table_copy(Table, node(), ram_copies).


Vladimir Ulogov writes:
 > Hello folks, another mnesia question:
 > How to add new db node and populate database from the existing ones. As
 > sample, I'm having two database nodes and wants to add new one. Is any
 > standard way to add a new db node without stopping existing nodes? Is
 > any db syncronisation tools for mnesia (something more complicated and
 > flexible then just copying of the *.DAT files)

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