Abstract Form

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Thu Jun 22 00:35:47 CEST 2000

I've been looking at the stdlib modules which parse
Erlang.  There are a few which return {ok, AbsForm}.
I can't find a definition for this anywhere.  The
manual page for erl_parse says:

parse_form(Tokens) -> {ok, AbsForm} | {error, ErrorInfo}
	AbsForm = term()
	See section Abstract Form below for a description 
	of AbsForm. 

Unfortunately the section "Abstract Form" at the bottom 
of this page says:

	To be supplied

What I am interested in doing is scanning my gen_fsm
behaviour source files and creating a graph of their
state machines.  I intend to feed this to dot to
automatically create state diagrams from the source.

I had started to do this using awk but thought that an
Erlang solution would be most logical.  Any comments
on the best approach to this problem are welcome.


[dot is an open source filter tool for drawing directed 
 graphs, it can be found at 
 http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/graphviz/ ]

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