Bit of publicity for: (Re: Welcome to this year's Erlang User Conference)

Bijan Parsia bparsia@REDACTED
Wed Jun 21 18:48:46 CEST 2000

Hello folks,

Upon getting all excited about the program for the Conference (which I,
alas, will just have to wait until the papers are posted :(), I did a
little (er...little long) write up about the conference and Erlang in
general for

Technical, grammatical, and tastful corrections, comments, and emendations
are welcome.

(It's the top article of the moment, but the direct url

We don't (yet) have a very large audience, but it's been steadily growing
since we launched in Jan. I'll do a follow up as well when the articles
come on line.

Bijan Parsia.

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