IFL 2000

Thomas Arts thomas@REDACTED
Fri Jun 9 13:56:36 CEST 2000

Hi all

Don't forget the international workshop on the implementation of 
functional languages.


This workshop focusses on implementation, but also on the USE of
functional languages. Since Erlang is probably the most used functional
language, there is a special track within this workshop devoted to 

Please contribute to this workshop by submitting a short abstract
- about a program you wrote
- about how Erlang solved your problems
- about the problems you got when using Erlang
- about the tool you developed for Erlang
- about ...

We still have room for some interesting presentations at this
workshop (Aachen, Germany, September 4-7).

If you feel uncertain about whether your idea suits the workshop,
please send me an email mailto:thomas@REDACTED


Note that it could be a good opportunity to meet fellow Erlang hackers
and get ideas from functional languages different from Erlang.

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