Erlang 4.3.1

Ulf Ekström ulf.ekstrom@REDACTED
Wed Jul 26 08:31:08 CEST 2000


I am trying to compile an old version of Erlang for Linux (erl4.3.1), since
I need it to run an old program which is using the tcl-module.

The problem is that the erlang distribution contains o-files compiled with
an old version of libc and I am unable to link these with my compiler. I
have tried it both with libc5 and the newest glibc. I am using RedHat 6.2.

Does anyone know which version of libc I need in order to compile
this version of Erlang? Or maybe how/if I can use the old tcl-module
in the latest version of Erlang/OTP?


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