ebin and incl path

Gunilla Hugosson gunilla@REDACTED
Tue Jul 25 08:20:47 CEST 2000

Hi Luc,

You can use the erlc compiler which understands '-I directory'
and '-o directory' flags (and more). Example:
 % erlc -I ../incl -o ../ebin a.erl b.erl

Check the man page for erlc for details.

/ Gunilla

Luc Taesch wrote:
> up to now i did pretty basic stuff, but now i need some organisation. as
> far as i understnad, u put the /src, /ebin, (priv) , /incl dir  for
> sources, beam, hrl.
> bur how can i have the bin automatically put in bin, the incl taken from
> incl,,...etc ?
> are there some paramters to set, or env variable, or config erlanf files
> ? i have seen some outdir thingy added from emacs when i CcCk, and some
> apps i looked into have no path added to the include, so i suppose the
> path is modified, but how ?

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