Installation on Red Hat 6.2 (i386)

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Sun Jul 23 11:17:19 CEST 2000

"alea miras" <alea101@REDACTED> wrote:
>gs:start(). gives no result, that is the Erlang shell has to be
>interrupted manually, so I guess your assumption must be right - it
>should be a problem with gs. So how could I correct this? I assumed the
>installation of gs together with other libraries would have been
>handled by 'make install'. At least there is a gs-1.3.6 directory under
>If I go into Root_Of_Erlang_Source/lib/gs and do a ./configure there is
>a complain about Tcl standalone support:
>checking standalone support of Tcl... don't know
>== Warning: Your libtcl7.6.a is not yet created in the directory
>   /opt/erlang/src/otp_src_R6B-0/lib/gs/c_src/lib/tcl7.6/unix, so I cannot determine this.
>   For now I just assume there is standalone support.
>   If you get an error later during the build of wish.standalone,
>   then first compile Tcl7.6 with standalone support.

This is normal. However as Daniel suggested, please apply the patches
from the "bugs & fixes" page - in particular the one for tclPosixStr.c
fixes a problem that will make the build of tcl (and thereby gs) fail on
RH 6.1, I assume 6.2 too - but you might just as well apply them all.

>but the compilation via make keeps going. Any ideas?

Well, the make system isn't perfect (yet:-), it will in some cases
continue with the build even when there is a fatal error in some part
(there will of course be error messages, though) - or perhaps this is a

--Per Hedeland

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