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Fri Jul 14 09:27:50 CEST 2000

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Jim Larson wrote:

>The only further thing I'd mention is that we found it useful to
>add the "-connect_all false" argument to the emulator's command-line
>invocation, to turn off the default behavior where each node in a
>distributed system sends heartbeat messages to all other nodes.
>For our application, only a single node really cares about the
>status of the others.

Yes, it is sometimes desireable to disable the connect_all feature.
Mainly, if you have a really large number of nodes.

Unfortunately, the global name registration is closely tied to the
connect_all feature (it shouldn't be, in my opinion). This means
that you must give up global name registration if you don't want

It would be nice to have more support for configuring systems with
a large number of nodes. One of the biggies is the global locker and
name registration facility. The current implementation doesn't scale.

At AXD 301, we have developed our own read-write locker, which does
handle large networks fairly well. It is also well tested. I've been
documenting it in order to release it as Open Source. Anyone

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