XP style / lib browser ?

Mickael Remond mikl@REDACTED
Thu Jul 13 14:06:24 CEST 2000

>>>>> "Kent" == Kent Boortz <kent@REDACTED> writes:

>>>>> "ltaesch" == ltaesch@REDACTED com <ltaesch@REDACTED> writes:


    Kent> So we have a large test suite and a test server, problem is it is not
    Kent> Open Source ;-) Maybe it could be or someone could write a better or
    Kent> more suitable test platform for "extreme programming".

This is exactly what was meant.
Are there any chance that this tools could be released as Open Source ?

    Kent> A question about "extreme programming". I wrote a test suite for
    Kent> "epmd" using the OTP test server before I started coding when I
    Kent> rewrote "epmd". It was about 15 test cases and the old "epmd" almost
    Kent> failed them all. (I added non blocking socket communication and that
    Kent> the code handles partial "packets", corrupt data, client closing socket
    Kent> when data missing, more data than requested, timeout if not enough
    Kent> data and no close from client etc). After writing the test cases the
    Kent> development process was very fast without any detailed planning (dare
    Kent> I say "hacking"). Passing all the test cases was the goal. Is this
    Kent> "extreme programming"?

I think it match one aspect of the method (fast iterative development) but
there many others principles you can experiment with (Pair programming,
planning games, and so on).

If you want to have more details:


 is a good start.

The Portland Pattern repository (a wiki web) is also full of interesting comments:




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