ICFP 2000 Preliminary Program

Konstantin Läufer laufer@REDACTED
Sat Jul 1 01:47:17 CEST 2000


    ICFP 2000:  International Conference on Functional Programming
	       Montreal, Canada; 18--20 September 2000

     associated with PLI 2000:  Colloquium on Principles, Logics,
       and Implementations of High-Level Programming Languages

MONDAY, 18th September

Invited Speaker: 8.45-9:45 Chaired by Philip Wadler

  Limsoon Wong, National University of Singapore, limsoon@REDACTED

Session I: 10:15-11:15  Chaired by Shriram Krishnamurthi

  Regular Expression Types for XML
    Haruo Hosoya, Univ of Pennsylvania, hahosoya@REDACTED
    Jérôme Vouillon, University of Pennsylvania
    Benjamin Pierce, University of Pennsylvania

  The Influence of Browsers on Evaluators
    Christian Queinnec, Universite Paris 6, Christian.Queinnec@REDACTED

Session II: 11:30-12:30  Chaired by Andrew Wright

  Static Enforcement of Security with Types
    Christian Skalka, Johns Hopkins University, ces@REDACTED
    Scott Smith, Johns Hopkins University

  Information Flow Inference For Free
    Francois Pottier, INRIA, Francois.Pottier@REDACTED
    Sylvain Conchon, INRIA

Session III: 14:00-15:30 Chaired by Greg Morrisett

  Type-Safe Cast
    (Functional pearl)
    Stephanie Weirich, Cornell University, sweirich@REDACTED

  Typed Compilation of Inclusive Subtyping
    Karl Crary, Carnegie Mellon University, crary@REDACTED

  Fully Reflexive Intensional Type Analysis
    Zhong Shao, Yale University, shao-zhong@REDACTED
    Valery Trifonov, Yale University
    Bratin Saha, Yale University

Session IV: 16:00-17:30  Chaired by Atsushi Ohori

  More Types for Nested Data Parallel Programming
    Manuel Chakravarty, University of New South Wales, chak@REDACTED
    Gabriele Keller, University of Technology, Sydney

  FranTk - A declarative GUI language for Haskell
    Meurig Sage, University of Glasgow, meurig@REDACTED

  Functional Programming in C++
    Yannis Smaragdakis, Georgia Institute of Technology,
    Brian McNamara, Georgia Institute of Technology

Program chair's report, plus a teaser: 17:30-17:45

  Breadth-First Numbering: Lessons from a Small Exercise in Algorithm Design
    (Functional pearl)
    Chris Okasaki, Columbia University, cdo@REDACTED

TUESDAY, 19th September

Invited Speaker: 8.45-9:45  Chaired by Xavier Leroy

  Benjamin Pierce, University of Pennsylvania

Session V: 10:15-11:15  Chaired by Richard Bird

  Breadth-First Numbering: Lessons from a Small Exercise in Algorithm Design
    (Functional pearl)
    Chris Okasaki, Columbia University

  Calculating Linear Time Algorithms for Solving Maximum Weightsum Problems
    Isao Sasano, University of Tokyo
    Zhenjiang Hu, University of Tokyo
    Masato Takeichi, University of Tokyo
    Mizuhito Ogawa, NTT

Session VI: 11:30-12:30  Chaired by Susan Eisenbach

  Cheap Eagerness: Speculative Evaluation in a Lazy Functional Language
    Karl-Filip Faxen, KTH, Stockholm

  An Operational Semantics for Parallel Lazy Evaluation
    Clem Baker-Finch, University of Canberra
    David King, Motorola Labs
    Phil Trinder, Heriot-Watt University

Session VII: 14:00-15:30  Chaired by Eugenio Moggi

  Recursive Monadic Bindings
    Levent Erkok, Oregon Graduate Institute
    John Launchbury, Oregon Graduate Institute

  Deriving Backtracking Monad Transformers
    (Functional pearl)
    Ralf Hinze, Universität Bonn

  Intersection Types and Computational Effects
    Frank Pfenning, Carnegie Mellon University
    Rowan Davies, Carnegie Mellon University

Session VIII: 16:00-17:30  Chaired by Ralf Hinze

  Syntactic Accidents in Program Analysis
    Olivier Danvy, BRICS, University of Aarhus
    Daniel Damian, BRICS, University of Aarhus

  Recursive Types for Dummies
    (Functional pearl)
    Vladimir Gapeyev
    Michael Levin, University of Pennsylvania
    Benjamin Pierce, University of Pennsylvania

  The Duality of Computation
    Hugo Herbelin, INRIA
    Pierre-Louis Curien, CNRS and University Paris 7

Programming Contest Award Presentations: 17:30-18:00  Chaired by Greg

WEDNESDAY, 20th September

Invited Speaker: 8.45-9:45  Chaired by Andrew Wright

  Carl Seger, Intel

Session IX: 10:15-11:15  Chaired by Xavier Leroy

  Understanding Memory Allocation of Scheme Programs
    Manuel Serrano, University of Nice
    Hans-J Boehm, Hewlett-Packard

  Non-stop Haskell
    Tony Field, Imperial College
    Andy Cheadle, Imperial College
    Simon Marlow, Microsoft Research
    Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research
    Lyndon While, UWA, Perth

Session X: 11:30-12:30  Chaired by Philip Wadler

  QuickCheck, A Lightweight Tool for Random Testing of Haskell Programs
    Koen Claessen, Chalmers University of Technology, koen@REDACTED
    John Hughes, Chalmers University of Technology

  Composing contracts: an adventure in financial engineering
    (Functional pearl)
    Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research
    Jean-Marc Eber, Societe Generale
    Julian Seward, Glasgow University

For more information, see the web pages for

PLI 2000 : http://www.cs.yorku.ca/pli-00
ICFP 2000: http://diwww.epfl.ch/~odersky/icfp2000

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