installing on winme?

Mike Roberts zoarre@REDACTED
Thu Dec 28 06:12:49 CET 2000

apologies for the bad post. :)

first, erlang looks really cool. i bought the book and am reading up on

has anyone else used erlang in a Win9x/Me environment? i try to install
it and the install program freezes while copying (compiling?) the file
mnemosyne_op.beam. i'm installing release R7B-0.

i noticed in the archive that there's no intention to prepare a new
release of R7B-1. is it likely for a novice to compile the new release
with R7B-0 on windows (or perhaps in my case, R6B-0) if necessary?

thanks in advance for any help.

Mike Roberts
email <zoarre@REDACTED>

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